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Tarmac Base Coat


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Resurfacing: Services
Stone Mastic Apshalt Laid by Ingram Contracts

Types of Jobs

We can resurface any area, not matter how small!

Ingram Contracts have been resurfacing properties for over 30 years. Although our team may have changed over the years our standards have not.  We stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalised attention based on their specific needs.

From Residential Homes, Private Properties, Commercial and Industrial Premises, we have your covered!

With a range of materials used, you can be sure we will find you the right fit for your needs. 

If you’re looking for a professional service, please get in touch for your free quotation.


Kerbing and Preparation Completed by Ingram Contracts.

Preparation Work

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail;

At Ingram Contracts we personally prepare each 'site' ourselves. Ensuring it is ideal for your new surface. 

What is Preparation?

Generally when preparing a 'site' we either take away the existing surface, whether it be stones/tarmac or prepare the surface to be used as a base. 

We also complete any specific requirements i.e digging out part of a garden to widen a driveway or tracking for aqua channels.

Then move on to kerbing and edging. We can either reset existing kerbs or supply & lay new kerbs. 

All while taking into consideration the falls for drainage. 

Flat Top Edging with Asphalt Wearing Course with Black Chips Completed by Ingram Contracts

Kerbing & Edging

There are a range of Kerbs and Edges all depending on your requirements.

What would you prefer; 

Rounded Garden Edges,

Flat Top Garden Edges or

Brick Paving? 

We would be happy to discuss your options further.

Stone Mastic Asphalt Laid in Carpark Area by Ingram Contracts

What Material Suits Best?

The main materials currently used are;

Bitmac Wearing Course 6mm 

Bitmac Wearing Course 10mm 

Stone Mastic Asphalt 6mm 

Stone Mastic Asphalt 10mm 

Driveway Stone Mastic Asphalt 

Asphalt Wearing Course 

We can guide you to which would be best suited to your area. 

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